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Feather & Stone is a design studio specializing in unique interior and exterior transformations. Utilizing advanced 3D rendering, we turn visions into aesthetically stunning realities. Your design journey with us is a partnership that results in truly distinctive spaces.

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Discussions to understand your vision, creating a strategic plan that serves as a blueprint for the project

Interior Design

Prioritizing functional and aesthetic balance in interior spaces, employing architectural detailing and customized storage solutions

Material Selection

Sourcing and selection of top-notch materials and finishes to enhance the look and feel of your spaces

Exterior Design

Crafting thoughtful and cohesive designs for outdoor spaces, ensuring a seamless transition between interior and exterior

Project Management

Comprehensive project management, coordinating with all involved professionals to ensure a smooth and timely execution

3D Rendering

Providing advanced 3D renderings for preview and finessing the final look with selected finishes, fixtures, and lighting

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